About NBB

The Original Manufacturer of Outdoor Ashtray. And, still the best!

We are proud to be able to offer our products through this website. The shelters, bins and litter control products you see here are all manufactured by my company, No Butts Bin.

Since I founded the No Butts Bin company in 1991, smoking control and cigarette disposal has come a long way.

Pioneering the use of outside shelters and wall-mounted ashtrays outside No Smoking buildings was initially very frustrating. I had great new concepts, but I had to create a market for The No Butts Bins and Shelters out of nothing. Since then, the No Butts Bin or Butt Bin has become the generic name for smoking shelters and external ashtrays.

Although many have tried to copy our concepts, our unique system and our products' longevity still sets the original Shelters and No Butts Bins apart from the rest.

The patented baffle system and our Butt Bin's longevity, sets the original No Butts Bin apart from the rest. Made from brushed stainless steel, our external ashtrays are so tough that we guarantee them for life. No Ifs, No Butts, No Quibble, that's our No Butts About It Ashtray Guarantee (please see below NO BUTTS Stainless Steel Guarantee).

Our unique self-assembly design for shelters was another first. The shelter is made in modular format to simplify construction in just a few hours (for 2 people). First made in England, we started to manufacture shelters in our US factory in the 90's. All materials are designed to provide the longest life and lowest level of maintenance. The frame is made from powder coated aluminum for strength and durability and panes are made from polyester/polycarbonate that does not yellow in sunlight. The NBB smoking shelter is an easy solution to avoid potential lawsuits, comply with government regulations and eliminate poor morale when smokers clash with non-smokers.

Non Smokers want more protection from second-hand smoke. And smokers want more individual rights. Now, you can delight both camps with one easy decision.

Martyn Bright - Smoking Shelters and Bins at NBB